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Before buying, it is necessary that you or your organization is registered with the government, and that you fill out the form below. See specific rules for Florida below.

Please send your document in digital format (scan) as an e-mail attachment to ayuda@claramente.com. An example of an attached document would be a file in .pdf format.

This document must be from the government (municipal, state, federal, etc.). and directed to your business or organization. We require only the first page of the document. This document should verify your legal status as an organization or dealer, and the type of document will vary depending on the type of organization or entity:

Church, Bible institute, Nonprofit corporation - Certificate of tax exemption or a similar document.

Bookstore - Occupational business license, certificate of registration, reseller's tax-exempt certificate or a similar document.

Once we verify your document, we will send you an email confirming that your wholesale account is active for online orders. Then you can start buying for the benefit of your church, library or ministry!

It is not enough to just send the form below. You must also e-mail the governmental document as an attachment so that we can register you for wholesale status.

You must have a minimum purchase of $50 (subtotal before shipping costs).

Do you still have questions? Please see our Frequently asked questions (FAQ) .

DO NOT FORGET TO fill out the form BELOW TOO!


- which operate for-profit (bookstores, etc.), send your 2018 Florida Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax. (Starting January 1, 2019 please send your 2019 Florida Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax.)

- which operate nonprofit (churches, ministries, etc.), send your Consumer's Certificate of Exemption for the current year.

If you do not have the relevant documents in effect for you, we can still sell to you, but we will have to charge sales tax.

PARA TODOS:  Por favor llene los campos en el formulario de abajo y envíenoslo con el botón “Enviar sus datos”:

- Request for Wholesale Status -


After submitting the request, please send us your substantiating governmental document as an e-mail attachment to ayuda@claramente.com.

Thank you for your collaboration!

Your friends at Claramente Distributors